1 . Why do I need insurance?

Insurance provides peace of mind at the time of a loss. Insurance protects against financial devastation. Purchasing a home or farm is one of the biggest investments you make. Having this investment protected will provide you with peace of mind. Our number one goal is to help you recover at the time of a loss.

2. How can I reduce my premium?

Check your policy deductible. Increasing your deductible will decrease your premium.

Are there items that are over insured? Reducing the value of these items will reduce the premium

Are you receiving supporting policy credits? Writing your Auto policy with your Homeowners may entitle you to a supporting policy discount

3. I just suffered a loss to my property. What should I do?

The first thing to do is whatever is necessary (and safe) to prevent further damage. Next, report your claim to your Agent or the company immediately. Provide important information about your claim and make sure to include your contact information. Feel free to ask questions. We are here to help you at the time of your loss.

Remember, insurance does not necessarily cover everything.