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History of Unity Mutual Insurance Company

Unity Mutual Insurance Company was established in 1877 and incorporated on Jan. 1, 1878, by a group of 15 neighboring farmers in Stockholm Township of Wright County, Minnesota who could not get protection for their property from other Insurance Companies. The office was located in the Secretary's rural farm house in Stockholm Township, Cokato Minnesota. In the eighteen hundreds, the stock companies out east were not interested in insuring the farmers in the Midwest and there were no other local Insurance Companies, therefore these farmers had to find some way to protect theirs and their neighbor’s (which was often also their family’s) property. Thus, the Minnesota Township Mutual Insurance Companies were born eventually numbering over 100 companies. This group of men, like many others contacted the Minnesota Legislatures and then the Minnesota Commerce Department for permission to form and incorporate their own non-profit Insurance Companies. This "Mutual Insurance" concept was taken from Benjamin Franklin, who first came up with this concept of non-profit Insurance and formed the very first Mutual Insurance Company. The concept of this type of insurance is basic in that all members would contribute a certain amount of money to the company treasurer and in the event of a loss each member was sharing in the loss to help the person suffering from the loss to be indemnified, or made whole by putting them back into the position they were prior to the loss or as close as possible. The idea was and continues to be to provide protection at cost and not for a profit.

Minnesota law established by the Minnesota Legislators allowed each of these companies to insure property only in so many townships in the State and all of these townships must be continuous or connected to each other. This is still the case today in Minnesota however in 2009 the Minnesota Legislators passed the "Modernization Law" which changed territory writing to Counties rather than Townships although the Counties also must be continuous or connected to each other. This expanded the territory of many companies. In the Case of Unity Mutual, which is a merged company, we are able to write in twenty counties, which is the maximum counties a township mutual (as they are still know as) can write in.

Board of Directors

Marvin JohnsonPresident
Melvin RozenbergV.P.
David UrdahlTreasurer
Michael KaufmanSecretary
Joseph HolthausDirector
Duane HenkelmanDirector
Norbert WeinandDirector

Our Staff

John Kaufman General Manager
Michael Kaufman Supervisor
Lewis KaufmanUnderwriter and Service Representative

Additional financial backing provied by:

Ram Mutual Insurance Company
Esko, MN


AM Best Rating
RAM Mutual Insurance Company holds a rating of A (Excellent).